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Marguerite Humeau: Echoes

Friday 01 December 2017Saturday 28 April 2018

Installation by French artist Marguerite Humeau. Her work usually takes the form of large scale installations involving sound and sculpture in which she challenges key issues of the day using complex narratives that synthesise the past with the present. This installation transforms the gallery space into part temple, part laboratory for the industrial production of an elixir for eternal life. At the heart of the space, two semi-abstracted white polystyrene sculptures based on Ancient Egyptian gods, Wadjet (King Cobra) 2015 and Taweret 2015, merge the organic nature of the human body with biological engineering. Accompanied by the synthetic sound of Cleopatra’s ethereal voice, this hypnotic yellow environment devised from poisonous black mamba python venom, evokes Cleopatra’s death and acts as a reminder of nature’s lethal powers.

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