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Armistice: Legacy of the Great War in Norfolk

Saturday 20 October 2018Sunday 06 January 2019

Armistice: Legacy of the Great War in Norfolk commemorates the end of the First World War. A series of artworks by Paddy Hartley focus on the subject of remembrance and memorialisation. Papaver Rhoeas sculptures are composed of lamb's heart tissue, horsehair and vintage suture cotton and are presented as pathological specimens in custom-made blown-glass vessels inspired by the forms of spent First World War artillery shells. Each poppy varies in colour and composition, based on the treatment and processing of the tissue. The wider exhibition consists of posters, photographs, archives and interactive displays that complement the diverse objects drawn from around the county.These displays explore the breadth and depth of the effect of the war on Norwich and Norfolk. The physical impact on the county, including coastal defences, and changes in agriculture and industry is examined, alongside the stories of communities and individuals whose lives were transformed.

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Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery
Castle Hill
Norwich Norfolk NR1 3JU

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