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Hyon Gyon

Wednesday 23 January 2019Sunday 31 March 2019

Large-scale paintings and sculpture by Korean artist Hyon Gyon, combining traditional Korean textiles, Japanese paper and paint together with various less conventional materials. Her highly-coloured, intricate and expressive works are inspired by themes ranging from shamanism, ritual and negative emotion to sexual politics and cultural identity. We Were Ugly, 2017, is a 20m long mixed-media artwork consisting of 17 panels referencing war and conflict from the history of Korea, China and Japan. Throughout her work, the artist uses a number of traditional and innovative techniques, for example sgraffito, a technique of scratching through a top surface of lime mortar to reveal lower layers of contrasting painted colours, and melting traditional Korean satin fabric attached to a canvas or panel using a soldering iron to create a liquefying effect.

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