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Portal II: Inside the Cordillera

Thursday 28 November 2019Saturday 01 February 2020

Exhibition of work by Santos Motoapohua de la Torre, Jordan Ann Craig, Gonzalo Hernandez Carrillo and Antonio López Pinedo, exploring patterns, forms and insights from cultures historically originating from the southern part of the mountain chain, Cordillera, along the western side of the Americas, from northern New Mexico down to Guadalajara, Mexico. This exhibition - curat

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folk art | Huichol | Mescaline | Mexico | Mike Jay | Native American art | painting | prints | Santos Motoapohua de la Torre | textiles


October Gallery
24 Old Gloucester Street, Bloomsbury
London WC1N 3AL

phone 020 7242 7367
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Open 12:30 to 5.30pm Tuesday to Saturday

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